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Birthdate:Nov 15
fas·tid·i·ous /fasˈtidēəs/

archaic : scornful

a : having high and often capricious standards : difficult to please
b : showing or demanding excessive delicacy or care
c : reflecting a meticulous, sensitive, or demanding attitude

choosy - terse - particular - squeamish - dainty

Also see: supercilious - haughty - opine - highfalutin - loquacious

I've never been one that was good at summing up myself for others. You may decide how I am as you see fit. Apparently I live an over-average life that some people find interesting.

I can be a bit harsh of a person to talk to, not really apologizing for being me. Can't help who I am, introverted, HSP and such. I find most everyday chitterchatter boring and not needed. Being asked every day at work about the weather is a bit dull to the senses. Give me something interesting and I'll talk for days.

Language is an interesting tool. I enjoy writing poetry and making up words.

Interests (144):

3d movies, all that jazz, all things disney, analyzing, art, art history, art museums, blade trilogy, blank canvases, bob fosse, books, bowler hats, bravest warriors, broadway, butterbeer, chicago, clean sheet of paper, clean water, cloudy with a chance of meatballs, color, complex words, cosmos, doctor who, dog shows, dogs, don bluth films, don quixote, earthsea, eating, ebola, fancy hats, farscape, fedoras, fireflies, firefly, flowers, food, forest, fosse, future, georges seurat, good tilled earth, grass, greyhounds, hannibal, harry potter, hats, horseback riding, horses, house md, howling, ikea, in treatment, jazz, jazz hands, jekyll, jekyll and hyde, jesus christ superstar, john carter, john waters, joseph and the amazing technicolor dreamcoat, joseph king of dreams, kingdom keepers, kyell gold, latin, law n order, lestat, linkin park, linseed oil, live-action talking animal films, liza minnelli, lord of the rings, making costumes, mike mulligan and his steam shovel, more eating, most music, museums, music boxes, musical theatre, musicals, neil degrasse tyson, netflix, newsies, newspaper boy hats, nightlights, nostalgia, not twilight, nurse jackie, oil paint, oliver!, origami, overthinking, paint, pangea, passing strange, paul cezanne, pencils, people watching, pickles the fire cat, piet mondrian, plants, plushies, podracing, poetry, prison shows, reading, real crime shows, red dwarf, renaissance, riding crops, rogers and hammerstein, science, sense of smell, serial killers, sherlock, smeghead, snapdragons, south pacific, space, space exploration, spats, star trek, stephen sondheim, studio ghibli, stuffed animals, sunday in the park with george, sweeney todd, taking baths, the hot zone, the matrix trilogy, the very hungry caterpillar, the wind rises, theatre, top hats, traversing space and time, trees, vampires, war horse, werewolves, wind, wolves, wolves of the beyond, word origins, writing poetry
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